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Control Strategy and Action Plan
for Animal Diseases of Economic Importance in Andhra Pradesh

By M. Rajasekhar

Click here to download report (PDF, 1.7mb)



  by D.N.GARG
   Former Dean and Addl. Director Research
   College of Veterinary Sciences
   C.C.S. Haryana Agricultural University
004, Haryana, India

  Click here to download report  (PDF, 80Kb)

 Links to other Indian Livestock Related Research
  • Poultry based livelihoods of rural poor: Case of Kuroiler in West Bengal Authors: Vinod Ahuja, Mamata Dhawan, Meeta Punjabi and Lucy Maarse.  www.sapplpp.org

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University of Edinburgh
Masters in “One Health”

The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies at The University of Edinburgh is developing an MSc in One Health which will be studied full time over one year, in association with the Easter Bush Research Consortium in Edinburgh. Scholarships will be available.

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   (PDF, 12Kb)

Distance Education:
Master of Veterinary Medicine (MVM) at Massey University, NZ

Massey University is an AVMA accredited veterinary school in Palmerston North, New Zealand. Massey has 50 years of experience in distance learning and offers post-graduate continuing education to veterinarians worldwide with a variety of qualifications available.

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   (PDF, 84.7Kb)


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